Look into the lives of successful Internet Entreprenurs


Living Dot Com - Documentary

By Michael Bayer

About The Movie:

Living Dot Com shows how a different approach to work must be taken in this new economy in order to succeed. Jobs maybe disappearing but, for many reason discussed in this movie, there has never been an easier or better time to start a business. Creativity is king as many tasks that were expensive (and good jobs) in the past are now low cost due to automation and outsourcing.


The movie features:

John Chow
Took his blog from zero to over $40,000 in earnings per month in just two years.
Jeni Larson
Is now one of the highest earning bloggers on the web and one of the few seven-figure bloggers in the world.
Zac Johnson
Is considered a super affiliate. He has been making money online for over 15 years now and loves helping others do the same.
Chad French
Launched Peerfly, a popular affiliate networking company in 2008 and has since grown it to 30,000 active affiliates. He has worked in online media since 1999.
Andrew Warner
Started the website Mixergy.com. He has interviewed famous entrepreneurs like Andrew Mason (Groupon founder), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder), and many more.
Peter Nguyen
Is a serial entrepreneur. He has over 13 different online companies, partners with some of the biggest brands - like Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, and Larry King.
Matt Hulett
CEO of ClickBank, is a seasoned tech executive and serial entrepreneur who has a proven track record of successfully building profitable companies from scratch.
Dave Ruel
Is known by many people as the "Muscle Cook" he is the author of the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook, a competitive bodybuilder, a professional Fitness Coach and Nutritionist.
Justin Atlan
Co-Founder of ClickBank University. Justin started making money online by creating product review videos on YouTube.
Adam Horwitz
Co-Founder of ClickBank University. Adam had big success online with a digital product called Mobile Monopoly. It went viral with affiliate marketers on the ClickBank network and ended up earning Adam over 1 million dollars.
Dr Edward Leamer
is a professor of economics and statistics at UCLA.
Michael Bayer
(Exec. Producer, Living Dot Com)
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